Aggrieved Parents




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Coordinator: P.H. of Weston

It is time to stop the war on Fathers. We can begin by telling the Governor and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to Free David Rabinovitz. David was jailed for 30 days, not for not paying child support (he has never missed a child support payment). He was jailed for an inability to pay for a Special Master imposed upon him by Family and Probate Judge Spencer Kagan.

David is broke, with the exception of an ERISA protected retirement account that he has been ordered to liquidate which would cost him interest and penalties. David is not a criminal, yet taxpayers are having to foot the bill for David to be in a Maximum Security Prison in Cambridge that is overcrowded and a fire hazard. David was put in jail, without due process, without a jury trial. David is just one more father just thrown in jail. It will force him to lose his job, lose his ability to pay child support and will ruin him emotionally.

We must stop the war on fathers. Lets stop the war on fathers and lets begin by releasing David Rabinovitz. David is a recognized volunteer for the Brain Tumor Society and the Pan Mass Challenge to name a few. Release David today.