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By Kevin Thompson, Methuen, Mass.
Opinion, p. 10; Lawrence Eagle Tribune
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It is clear from Jonathan Blodgett's recent article, "Domestic terror an epidemic," that he is another brainwashed victim of radical feminist propaganda gone wild in this country OR he is one of the many hypocrites profiting personally off the spread of this hysteria at taxpayers' expense.

Contrary to Blodgett's claim, there is not an epidemic of domestic violence in this country. The only epidemic pertaining to this topic is the plague-like number of false allegations made by women in divorce cases to secure the house, the children, and a large percentage of the vilified man's current and future assets.

The false allegation/restraining order weapon in divorce cases has become the rule rather than the exception and increasingly more effective because of the agenda-driven lies and rhetoric spewed by special interest groups and individuals like Jonathan Blodgett to deceive the public and the courts.

Blodgett quotes from the NOW/Jane Doe propaganda handbook himself with his statement, "we know that one of every four women will be a victim of domestic violence during her lifetime." What he cannot show you is the data that supports this claim because this "statistic" was literally made up by the domestic violence industry to justify its taxpayer-funded existence.

The accurate and data-supported numbers can be obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services, which reports that statistically domestic violence occurs in one half of one percent of households AND in equal numbers by gender. What this means is that we are criminalizing and stereotyping an entire gender for the single batterer that would statistically be found in a random group of four hundred men.

If Blodgett sincerely wants to reduce domestic violence in this state, then he can begin by recognizing that 50% of all cases are committed by women and he can start treating domestic violence as the crime that it is.

That means moving it out of family court where the presumption of innocence until proven guilty has been replaced by the presumption that men are all evil and women are all victims and moving it into criminal court where the accuser has a burden of proof to overcome and where the accused has a right to a jury trial. Maybe then, the true victims of domestic violence will get the services and protection that are stretched thin by the false allegations and bogus restraining orders that are currently flooding our court system and law enforcement agencies.

*Note from website coordinator: A Search of the Eagle Tribune site did not result in finding the aforementioned article. We would certainly be glad to print any article by any person, especially those in law enforcement, in the trenches of this urgent societal issue. email the site coordinator if you have the article. By no means are we trying to "air" only one point of view, and rely on multiple sources to point us in the direction of relevant information.

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