In 2006, there was a book publicly available from Lulu regarding the court system in Massachusetts. It was looked up, found, and purchased. The purchaser enrolled in the LuLu website, gave them pertinent information regarding a charge account, and purchased a publicly available book.

This information was checked recently. LuLu knows who bought the book....and it's still on the record.

Rumors, not any publicly available information, have surfaced stating the book has been banned. One states it's because of the name of the child in the case being written in the book. Exhaustive searches have been made to see if the book is against the law....any law, and if there are any restrictions have been placed on the publishing and distribution of the book. So far there have been none seen by any government authority.  It is believed such banning example, and public notice,  may be seen with the banning of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses.

With respect to any sensitivity the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or involved parties may have, or is rumored to have, the copy of the book available below has been edited to remove the name of any child or children involved. If there are any reasons that this book is felt to be out of line, false in its presentation of fact, this website will allow any argument to be placed in this space with labeling appropriate to "even the scale," and allow, whatever argument, to be visible.

It is also for consideration that the parties involved in the legal cases cited in the book, have public records in Massachusetts courts, that, if queried, would yield any names or other pertinent or sensitive information. It may also be stated that every party involved in the issues surrounding the case, employees of a school system, friends, relatives, witnesses, observers, etc., have had information that may be considered sensitive and related it without private or government censorship, or authorization from anybody.

To date, November of 2007, there has not been any restriction, public notice, advertisement, or other notification that the government has banned the book, by any government, nor have appropriate sections of the US Constitution been ratified or suspended that would allow for a book banning, or any publication banning, to be permitted in any blanket fashion. Should the courts of Massachusetts or any other entity feel that information accessible from this page be illegal, out of line, or inappropriate, corrections will be made, or notice will be posted regarding the issues brought out. Given the nature of disclosure, anonymity of any entity or court will be denied unless specific reasons for granting such anonymity are provided.

Here is an article about the "banning," that is typical of the information found in research, from  [click here for link]

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