11-7-07 - Anonymous post.
    This morning as I sat and watched the "Today" show, a story was aired about a husband whose wife had disappeared. Seems a former wife was found dead in a bathtub, the death ruled "accidental," and this latest wife was rumored by the guy to have left with another man. Her family seems to think the guy is dirty, and the woman will not be seen again. This is seemingly not a nice guy at all. The woman, seemingly another victim of abuse and violence. Violent behaviors must be stopped by all men and women.

But why is this a story when, every day, children are taken away from their homes and parents by the legal system? People are victims of overlooked perjury, and bias in court cases far more difficult to prove and maintain in court than the relative simplicity of doing it.  When accusations of perjury have been made in my case, it's as if no words were spoken....the "drama" continues.
    When will the media cover this after they are informed that it is occurring? Does it have to be read on the internet first, or rallied for as the Nifong case was?

11-5-07 - Anonymous post.
     A letter in the October 2007 "News Photographer" magazine, the banner publication of the National Press Photographer's Association, detailed a crisis in a town where the victim blames his local papers for "abdicating their constitutional duty." It appears the person is from the Boston area. He writes about how the newspapers have "abdicated their Constitutional responsibility whilst hiding behind their Constitutional Protections." When asked if his letter could be reprinted, he asked that it not be, as he was afraid of publicizing his issue due to a vision of threats against his cause, to seek and receive benefits for his ailing son.

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