This page is set up right now  with a few basic will be developed as suggestions come in, and any suggestions that  are given may be given with or without anonymity. It would be nice to know who you are by position, such as Aggrieved Party, Judge, Lawyer, Client, etc.

Note: Aggrieved party is listed first, because the courts are supposed to be for the public, to serve the public.

  1. All courtrooms need to have cameras such as in other states that already have time and date stamped multicamera coverage.
  2. Judges Bios are to be filled in, and preferably without address information. The public has some basic concern as to where a Judge is located, but residential information, in order to protect the Judges and other parties, should be available for public information research as typical security measures would dictate. We do need to protect our Judiciary.
  3. Cases involving psychological issues should be given immediately to the representation of a State licensed social worker. In the event of restraining actions, orders should be considered non-recorded activities, and created temporarily, until the situation is decided by a Judge on the basis of a Social Worker, or other licensed competent  professional from whose report a Judge can decide applicability to law. (LICSW, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, APRN, (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,  LMHC. Licensed Mental Health Counselor.)