The Real Estate Scam

(How a MA Court Clerk's family behaves)

BACKGROUND - refer to: Norfolk Probate and Family Court Docket #03D1651DV1

How do you know you're in a scam with people who portray themselves as well meaning?

Usually there is a tripping point. Something always feels weird, but you can't be sure, so you try and try to gain an explanation.

There's always an answer. In the case of an errant employee of an organization, the organization, once informed, goes into a protection mode, then a change is made, without comment, but it's made.

Any charge the reader may feel towards the Real Estate company involved is in the  mind of the reader at this point. Will I, Mark Bell, (Bell) accept a lawyer taking on this case against the company? Yes. Do I feel the company is the root of this issue? No, not at this point. A lawyer may feel different, but it's possible the agency and its principle got scammed, too. They just reacted late.

If you read other passages of the people involved in the scam, you'll understand the nature of them. and will provide that background. provides background in case you need to answer the question of why the courts don't do anything despite clear evidence of the machinations of all of it. They know, they've been informed, but in them exists a culture in which the parties involved know they can "play" the courts.

Those involved are my ex-spouse Lynne Sheridan (Sheridan) who works as a nursery school director at a Horizon's school in Milton MA; The Centre School, and has abused me, the children, and the courts with her lies and deceit. (This will be apparent within, and is posted at the aforementioned links.)

Her brother Phillip Sheridan (Phillip) of The Grossman Companies in Quincy, MA, who used to advertise himself on his company website as a CPA,  something he hasn't had certification in since 1996, but who cares about any state certification when you have a court clerk in your family?

Sheridan CPA fraud

Around 12/2010 Grossman's finally got honest with it, and actually leads his new link with the now-denial that he is one. (below)  Every CPA I spoke with, when I asked what they would think about a person who advertised having a current CPA status was a bit miffed, as they have to work for theirs. How Sheridan got his is another subject...

But back to the story....what a funny way to lead off a bio.

Now all that junk about "The Nation Honor Society of the College of Arts and Sciences" is gone, too.

I think The Grossman Companies should include how he pulled off the kidnapping of a teenager from her father. That's what he did.

Funny 1st line for a bio

The last of the apparently involved is Court Clerk Archie Keohane, (Keohane) a clerk at the District Court in Stoughton, MA, and I'll let the now well documented and being ferreted out corruption in MA speak for itself. (See articles at the bottom of this's just a small spattering of many more...)

Also involved with the funny doings is 460 King St resident(s) Gene Katz (Gene) and perhaps others in the Katz family, Joshua and Jeremy, (Sons) Gene's sons, who have been busted for international drug smuggling and weapons charges with others. What's their association? Gene lives with Sheridan, and no doubt is a lucky guy with his new association with the court-clerked family, when the clerk seemingly has altered court proceedings, papers, and more, and likely, anything else he can to benefit the "family." His natural want to protect his sons makes it all seem logical. Gene works for his family business, The Camera Company in Norwood, MA. I'm not sure if his family knows the depths of his association with others aside from Lynne in that "family."

Lynne Sheridan has repeatedly abused my children, myself, and the court system.

Phillip Sheridan finances her, or did until the lawyers quit. No smart lawyer wants to be involved in pure and simple abuse, at least when the funding dries up.

Archie Keohane should be ashamed at the performance of his partner's sister as a member of the court, but he knows how to play the courts, and does, seemingly on her behalf. How many people would put up with a family member who robs their employer of the basic tenant of its being; Truth? Archie does.

Here is a picture of Archie Keohane and Phillip Sheridan after likely tampering with a court order from the Quincy District Court, and possibly threatening my lawyer with some sanction, legit or otherwise, because the court said a modification to the 209A order that would have allowed me to attend my son's graduation did not exist when Dodd's office called the court to gain it, so all I had were emails between lawyers Sheila Baresi and Stephen Dodd saying a modification was there...  Sheridan and Keohane are pictured at Bullens Field in Westfield at the graduation. Those boys sure know how to run the legal system, eh?  And the system accomodates them, for some sort of currency?

Phillip Sheridan and Archie Keohane

In essence, if Keohane and Sheridan decided to nail me at the Friday graduation, for anything, they had the power to have me arrested just by saying I was within 300 feet of the family protected Lynne Sheridan. NICE SCAM, EH? I would have been arrested and in jail for the weekend if any cop doing his normal job was notified. And all I had on me was an ermail from a lawyer, just what DODD told me to bring with me and have on me....Y'know what cops think of emails from lawyers vs. a paperwork 209A? About what you are thinking they're worth about now...   See, that's how/why Quincy Court was played, then Baresi, then Dodd, then me....and frankly, the Judge, too....

Dodd, a $120,000 recipient of state funds for his work for those who cannot afford it, according to verified Boston Herald numbers, didn't care, and Baresi, an understudy of longtime associate of Keohane's, Stephen Salon, likely knew the deal.  (view the emails)   These lawyers aren't stupid, and this writer/non-lawyer likely has far less experience than those who play these games for a living, like Keohane, who apparently has amazing immunity in the system.

This is how people operate the system for their own welfare...a great State benefit for Keohane....Dodd and Baresi, too...who cares about "stinkin'" rights for a client when the BBO will whack you for something, or you'll lose that great Quincy Court pay for OUIs and 209As as long as you play the game.... (Call me any time you want about this Sheila and Stephen...what you facilitated in ignorance was criminal....)

Here's more about more people being abused.

In 2008, Lynne Sheridan was required to  place a house on 460 King St in Cohasset MA, the "former marital domicile," on the market "to be sold" per the divorce agreement made in 2005. This was also reiterated by Norfolk Probate Court order reiterated by Judge Eliot Cohen in a hearing to get the house on the market earlier. All of Sheridan's lawyers were in favor of her selling the house since 2005, as the daughter of the marriage had gone off to school, and the son was in the court granted custody of his father. She did not. Since then the price of the house has gone down due to the downturn of the real estate market. The date ordered for the house to be officially placed on the market was  December 6, 2008, 6 months after the graduation from high school of the couples youngest child.


Papers were exchanged between Bell and Sheridan by Coldwell Banker, Cohasset sales associate Lillian Sestito, (Lilly)  in November of 2008. Bell and Sheridan knew many realtors in Cohasset over their decades long association with people in Cohasset. Sheridan even worked for over a decade with the wife of one prominent sales associate. The person picked was Lilly, by Sheridan only, but Bell went along with it, as the house sale should be professionally handled. This was without regard for Lilly, being a "friend" of Sheridan's and her friends in Cohasset, and she touted her as a sales person with a good reputation. So be it.

Papers were signed and turned into Lilly well ahead of the "drop-dead" date on court orders, but the house was not advertised for sale until the 12-6-08 date. This could be translated into the fact that Sheridan didn't want to sell the house, as a trick once you've decided to sell a house is to get it on the market as soon as you decide, and not wait.

Why would you?

On Saturday, 12-6, the ad for the house went on line. Bell saw the ad. In it were many misrepresentations.
  1. The house was listed with a full basement, it had a crawl space.
  2. The number of bedrooms was listed as 3, when it clearly had 4, or maybe 5, depending on one room that was, by virtue of legal definition, a bedroom if a wall was reset into what it had been before a documented building permit allowing it to be opened by making another doorway to connect it to the living room.
  3. An attic space was listed as one with "potential" to be made into added space. (This detail is very important.)
  4. There were no pictures of the attic.
  5. There were only 2 pictures, 2 very similar shots of the house, only, on the listing.
  6. The number of bathrooms was listed as 2, when there were clearly 3.
  7. The house has 8 skylights on the upper floor, somewhat unique, and this was not mentioned in the ad.
  8. There was no video of the house despite authorization to have the house listed by contract weeks before.
Bell called the Broker of the agency, Davenport Crocker. (Crocker) Crocker was polite and receptive to Bell, and, was informed at the time by Bell, that Sheridan was involved in many issues dealing with her non-compliance with the divorce agreement, and other parts of what Bell described as repeated scams dealing with behind the scenes manipulations of the divorce, and the courts. It appeared as if Sheridan was simply listing the house, and certainly without correct details, was not sale worthy.

This started a series of emails in which Bell not only recapped the discussions, but provided substantive information of their discussions and materials referred to, such as the aforementioned website link  that detailed "The Abuse Scam," recapping previous Sheridan illegal behaviors.

Lilly was seemingly receptive to Bell's claims, and defended the actions of posting incorrect data as "the town listed only 2 bathrooms" in their records. Lilly had made claims of being in the house, as she is Sheridan's friend, to Bell, and he remained confused as to why she listed it as such.

It was agony for Bell to simply get the listing changed. Soon a video appeared, and the video mysteriously did not show the attic space that was featured in the ad. In the months that followed, Bell begged for price reductions, as the listing was pricing the house at a price far too high versus others, and even for this house as it stood alone. Lilly gave reason after reason for it to be maintained there, and there were few showings, and reportedly, by Lilly, Open Houses that are not on a log provided by the agency. There were NO offers.

Bell has had an extensive exposure in real estate. His father sold houses, built houses, and Bell himself got a real estate license, has been a property inspector, sold three well-priced properties of his own in very short order.  This sale was a sham, the price was a sham, and the inability for Lilly to produce a worthy professional assessment to Sheridan, who has never had experience in real estate on her own accord, was shameful. What brings this into being as the scam it was, was that Lilly always had an answer to respond to not selling the house in a better market position, while showings and offers simply did not exist.


Note the mention in the ad of the price of the house, and the description of the attic space. Doesn't it seem as if a house with 8 skylights would have that in the description?

The ad above is from March of 2009.  By then corrections had been made, yet the unpictured attic is prominent in the headline description. The price was way too high, and Bell begged Lilly to drop it, but she would not.  She also never executed an instrument  to inform the parties that the price was too high and she could not perform a sale at the current price. Houses DID sell in Cohasset...much newer houses at much lower prices, yet she refused to yield to professionalism, and stayed with her friend who had significant storage in the mentioned attic....did Sheridan store stuff in the attic because she does not want to move?

Below is an excerpt from a public record court filed document in docket #03D1651DV1 of Norfolk Probate Court showing that Sheridan placed figures on her "signed under pains and penalties of perjury" financial statement describing the "Fair Market Value" of the house differently than it was being advertised for on the day of her signing it.

A government expert on our war efforts once described such data as "Bovine Scatology."


One of the first steps in selling is to unclutter the house...that is, if you want to sell it. The attic room, featured SO brilliantly on the front page of the listing, was the only room not pictured, and likely was not even shown as cluttered as it was stated (by Lilly) to be.

Below is an ad changed  in May of 2009, 6 months after the purposely stalled sale date to SELL the house.


Note the corrections to the price in the ad above.....In a market with prices dropping 20% + from previous years, this house, assessed at approximately $600K years back, should have been positioned far below both prices on both ads. A drop from $625K to $609K is the work of an amateur, as any offer price, if the house was priced right, would certainly cover this spread. Again, the house was far above its worth.

Numerous emails between Bell and Lilly and then Bell, Lilly and Crocker, then Bell and Coldwell Banker Counsel David Caristi detailed Bell's insistence that the house was not only misadvertised from the beginning, and Bell had told them from day one that this whole affair was a scam using them as its operative, but now the former attic that had "Potential" for extra space had become "a wonderfully finished room over the two car garage."

"Show me the building permit" was the message Bell delivered to the company.

Lilly was not to be seen again involving the sale of the house. Another agent took over. (New Agent) 

The New Agent made contact with Bell and Sheridan. She promised to perform another Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) and did. While Lilly had done a CMA positioning the house versus others that were newer and larger and had essentials in their headlines more relevant than an attic with potential for extra space, the new CMA detailed what Bell has been stating all along...the house was way overpriced.

Below is the new ad with Lilly's picture still on it. It's a guess that the agency thought putting the new information on the page was more relevant than removing Lilly's data. So be it. Anybody following the listing details of this house was sufficiently mixed up by now, and had likely moved on. It should be noted that the price was squeaked down from $609K to $599K after much of Bell's begging, which included sending numerous signed price change forms to Lilly with prices consistent with Sheridan's court papers, her "sworn" value, and the price was lowered again to a laughable amount, revealing again, Sheridan's inability to perform with any experience and wisdom available to her.


After the New Agent 's CMA, the price was placed in a position more comparable to other houses in the market.

Here is the log of showings. Other agents involved have had their names removed, and it should be noted that the log does not show any action or showings by Lilly.


Some email correspondence is below.



What "Open Houses?" (View the log again.) Wouldn't it be advantageous to have them on the log?  Note the price I was asking for back then, too.

Notice Lilly never showed the house to anybody. How come a well-reputed agent, by Sheridan's claims, doesn't even show the house she's featuring, to anybody?

Sheridan continued to create delays even after the house was positioned better. Why or how she got Sheridan to change the price of the house when Sheridan would not do it for her friend is an interesting question. New Agent did one of the best CMAs I've ever seen. New Agent felt the initial asking price of $549K was realistic, and it is, and that IS, is now a WAS, as things are still down-falling, and the house still has not brought in an offer. Sheridan told New Agent that she could consider more reduction once the figures for the septic system renewal was in.

Bell had been the Chairman of the Title 5 Committee in Cohasset for a few years, yet Sheridan refused to use any of that to facilitate getting estimates on the work to be done. In fact, the Cohasset Board of Health had a very comprehensive report on a perk test done 22 years ago by a good local contractor, who did the job for the then-couple. He was also promised that the real job would be given to him when it came to be, because he inconvenienced himself to get the perk  job done for them. Bell from 100 miles away did what Sheridan could have done by going to Town Hall, getting the perk info, and sending it to the engineering company, taking up a lot less time with the folks involved.

Sheridan did not move on any of the other moves that could get the project going. If moves were made, Bell facilitated them after initial contacts were made. After all, Sheridan simply makes moves as if to make it seem as if she's doing something, but seldom has followed signing a divorce agreement and then not following it, then crying about having to be brought to court because she does not.

Sheridan did not get contractor figures weeks after the engineering company's figures were given to her. Bell stepped in after hearing from the engineering company that she was sent the figures "weeks ago," and in a few days had a figure that was exactly where he felt it was going to come in. Guess what...Sheridan wants more figures. (Many estimates and commitments to this project may vary $2000-3000 dollars, reasonably insignificant in the big picture.) We'll see where those fall.

More stalls. That's all it is. Wasting everybody's time, and typical of the posture that's been promoted by this person who has a knowledgeable court clerk in the family, she could not care less about any court order or posture taken in the court. How could she perjure herself so prominently in court?

And the perjury continues, this time with Sheridan actually making up a charge against Bell that was a waste of time.  details that perjury.

As of the date of this text, 7-18-09, Sheridan has refused to even deal with the realtor about changing the price. She refuses to communicate with her about it. The scam goes on.

Update 8-2009 - Bell asked the court to intervene about the house sale, and to compel Sheridan to cooperate with lowering the price. Sheridan was given 14 days by the case Judge to cooperate with the realtor to lower the price of the house or she'll go to court. She defaulted on that.

Update: 8-24. New Agent has pretty much given up. It's been weeks since Sheridan has been asked to lower the price, and she is either non-responsive or claims stuff without substantiation. She told New Agent that she didn't provide "beauty sheets," and this was taken seriously, so the realtor made some up... More expense for them...for what?

Of course, the house is not anywhere near where it has to be price wise, and it has not been shown by anybody. One word on the street is that realtors are staying away from it, and may remain away no matter what the price is. Can you blame them?

Sheridan said she got another Competitive Market Analysis. New Agent asked "From who?" No answer. "What are the numbers?" New Agent asked. No number.

Remember Sheridan wanted to get other septic system estimates?  Nobody has seen any.

If you are keeping score, count the number of people being "used" by Sheridan. Two realtors, the broker, the septic engineers, the excavation contractor, every realtor who has tried to show the house, and every person who wasted time to research the listed property. Are they all listed?

The sign from the realtor, supposed to be in front of the house, now stands as a discredit to the company involved. Somebody is putting their name on Sheridan's con act, which is probably all right with doesn't have her name painted on it. This house is not for's a con game abusing all who step into it.

Has it been shown in the past month?  Guess.

Update on the drug smuggling sons: One of the sons was sent to jail for a couple of years..the other has a status hearing in the near future.
[read about it here.]     Fair? It's up to the reader to decide.

It's tragedy after tragedy...... but in the end, so at the very least it will not get worse, you'd think that Sheridan, who has a court connection, would obey a court order.

What does all the above activity say about that?

Update: February 2010 - One buyer placed an offer on the house and, of course, it was inspected. The real estate inspection was weird, and the professional inspection results aren't mine to display here, but the buyer's realtor wrote some notes. Here they are: The house is being run into the ground. This is domestic abuse with financial abuse as well.


And it went on.....

Update, October 2010.

       Bell tried to go into court numerous times related to the scam. Time after time papers were delayed, or the situation simply laughed off by the Judge involved. It's all on paper. Bell was paying $1228/month for the 2nd mortgage on a house that should have been sold years back for good gain, and his reserves, mostly made of the money received when the 2nd was taken out, were gone. (Sheridan also received funds from the 2nd mortgage Bell paid.)  The house was becoming steadily worthless.

       After the above purposeful sabotage of the home sale, (remember, Sheridan's brother is a comptroller of a real estate company and multiple property owner...he knows how to sell property, and prepare it for sale)  Bell went to court to bring Sheridan in for contempt for not selling it, keeping the price too high...all of it.

       The first papers turned in just died, somewhere.
       Bell, being polite to the busy court, waited, called, and was told they were in, and there was no need to resend them. No hearing date was scheduled.
       Seeing an error on one, a date on paper submitted that he thought would possibly cause a procedural delay, they were faxed/sent again.
       Chief Justice of the Probate Courts, Judge Paula Carey, who had been the original judge in the divorce, had once stated she could not deal with judge's decisions or procedures, but COULD deal with scheduling issues. She was written, responded quickly, and a call to the court indicated not only had Bell's papers been unearthed from wherever, but a hearing date was scheduled after Sheridan turned in a contempt complaint weeks after Bell's original.

fax to schmidt


So the above was sent into the court, Bell, not knowing what other machinations were going on.


So, what happened was Bell had motions into the court, and resent them at a time where it is more than apparent that motions and a contempt summons was filed against Bell.

The fedex delivery confirmations are below.  

Delivered - Signed for by:  P.STRACQUALURSI Shipped  Apr 16, 2010 – Delivered  Apr 20, 2010  10:47 AM

Delivered  - Signed for by:  M.BARBADORO  Ship date May 5, 2010  Delivered  May 6, 2010 9:49 AM

In the meantime, after all was being paid for, month by month by Bell with ZERO court intervention as this scam by a court clerk's family member went on in full view of the court, Sheridan was allowed to file motions and apparently had some help in this regard without announcing she had representation that was actually penning her motions. Sheridan is not crippled in any manner that would prevent her from writing, yet the #442 is clearly penned by another person representing her, actually writing her motions for court. This person or people representing her are not filed with the court, and have an absolute inability to know what's going on in the case without any sort of conversation or other discourse with Bell.

Under what pretense was Bell supposed to pay the mortgage as stated in the contempt? Sheridan's obligation was to sell the property, a function she is more than obviously NOT performing, and when it was sold, it was sabotaged at the time of inspection as detailed above.

Number 444 details how she needs money for repairs to the house, WELL AFTER the house was supposed to have maintenance to have it properly sold, and months after the house had leaky pipes and other issues that HAD to be repaired, and presumably were, yet no cost for reimbursement to the same escrow accounts was sought at the time.

And more interesting, Sheridan's complaint states she had a new mortgage for the house approved on 3/31/10, something the realtor and Bell didn't know about, something CitiBank would have stopped/delayed/changed the mortgage for...nobody knew.  The Realtor gave notice of their intent to stop their participation in the sale. Also, in order to be approved for the loan, Lynne had to be negotiating the loan application beforehand, another fact missed in all of it.
----- Original Message -----
From: Crocker JR., Davenport
To: ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 6:38 PM
Subject: 460 King Street, Cohasset

Good Evening Mark & Lynne,

 I wanted to share that the listing of the property at 460 King Street, in Cohasset is set to expire on March 30, 2010.  After discussing this with Penny, we have decided not to seek an extension to our listing contract.  Penny’s recent recommendation of price adjustment was rejected and two showings in recent weeks have not been confirmed or allowed.  If you have any questions or need to reach me directly please feel free to let me know.

 Thank you, Davenport

 Davenport Crocker, Jr.

Senior Vice President – Manager

 Cohasset and Scituate Regional Offices

(781) 383-9202 or (781) 545-1888

And if the buyout was known, why was this not brought out until May 3rd??  Sheridan is clearly on record as having stated terms of her falsely gained and continued restraining order included BOTH parties could not contact each other, so therefore Bell simply sent all correspondence from her, especially when represented by counsel, to Chief Justice Lynda Connolly. Justice Connolly is on record as trying to appear objective about Archie Keohane's corrupt activities, and all the rest, yet her own letter stating Bell would be updated on her investigation, via Judge Dawley, remains an empty set of words. This fact is mysteriously missing from her pleas.  (Bell once tried to gain a stipulation for contact between the parties, a move so judge Casey would not have to labor through a restraining order modification while parties were awaiting trial. On notes filed in the court file, it's noted her denial of this. Bell noted the time of her denial, which will match advice given her not to sign it via her cell phone, reading the stipulation to whomever was on the other end.)

Why were/are clear orders of the court via the divorce agreement not honored? The connections run deep, and oaths are meaningless to these folks, it seems.

It's because they are a court clerk'd connected family and they don't have to obey any laws, any agreement, nothing.

Any and every delay leaves Bell at a financial disadvantage, and this was all with malice and forethought. (Note: This now leaves my creditors at a disadvantage. Do they like a scam where THEIR money is taken? This has gone on against me for years....the court corruption. too.)

Speculation about why this was only substantiates the case regarding the scam detailed here, and reveals how Sheridan was more than willing to have escrow funds for her benefit for the repair of the house, and NOT for the purpose of serving the divorce agreement of selling it. (This was also the case when she went to court to spend $12,000 to have the house painted, with details from her supporting the cause of making the house presentable for sale.)

Bell is well on record with the real estate company stating the house was never slated to be sold.

A phone call was received by Bell about the same day he got served the papers above. One can notice that Sheridan was granted not one, but TWO hearings in a court that touts itself as being overburdened and too busy. Apparently not for a court clerk's family member.

It was from Richard Schmidt at Norfolk Probate and Family Court. The recording is here. [link]

One will notice that Bell's contempt motions were processed, and Sheridan was given a THIRD hearing. Bell's hearing, on June 7th, the third in line, after his papers were presented first. The date was more than a week past the dates Sheridan was able to acquire despite the fact that Bell's papers were sent to the court earlier, and again, right after her papers were turned in. Anybody looking at or gaining reliable information from clerks in the scheduling office in the court can see that typically when one person's name in a case os brought up the clerks are aware of the other party's dates/actions as well. Bell WAS told Sheridan had filed papers by telephone during one of his numerous inquiries. Why the dates were not simply matched, or changed to match, simply substantiates details that go back to the "Monan Report" of 2003 citing how clerks took numerous liberties to run the courts as best suited them with little, if any, bi-partisan philosophy.

After Bell received the calls, coincidentally on the same day he was served papers, he called in a representative to go to Norfolk Probate Court and get the papers. Bell's state of mind and experience with similar actions by the court (see sidenote "The mail scam" below.)  fed into speculation that the papers that were ready, as stated by Mr. Schmidt, would be.

Bell's representative went to the court, and not only were the papers not ready, but nobody knew about Mr. Schmidt's message. Mr. Schmidt was sought-after and found, and after approximately an hour-and-a-half, the representative paid $10 and got the papers.

In the past, the court has been cooperative in granting time for funds to be paid. Bell has paid funds previous to this issue upon his next appearance in court, and has sent payment in from his bank. The court knows how to find Bell, who has outstanding credit despite what the court and sheridan do to ruin it.

Consistent with the scam, all operatives seemed to be planning on the fact that bell would be in court that Friday, and would likely just wait for his court appearance then to get the papers. Sheridan's short notice motion made it all but impossible for Bell to prepare any papers, even though sufficient data had been given months before revealing Sheridan's simply pumping Bell for funds he could have used to pay his creditors instead of this abuse Sheridan et al were dishing out.

And consistent with speculation that the court is trying to cover itself, the following letter was received by an assistant to Chief Justice Carey on SATURDAY, a day after the court appearance, and certainly with this person able to hear the real scheduling date Bell was given. It just takes a phone call to me, just like Richard Schmidt made.
[same link as above...his VM message]


Phones and computers work for everybody, or don't, especially when you have a court clerk in your family.

NOBODY thought Bell would be getting the papers that day, and the simple fact they were not ready revealed the possibility that they were not even prepared, the "plan" being to allow Sheridan's motions only, and the scam to continue.

[Here] is a link to the response letter I wrote to Ms. Wright, which is also why you'll likely never see a dime from me, or maybe you will see some dimes...the same crooked court system that victimizes people whole their "family" goes on with perjury, robbery, and other crimes may not grant me a proper bankruptcy...there are no rules unless you are not in the system, or a bank, or whomever is not fortunate enough to be one of the favored people. (This is a long letter that shows the discrimination and the history/basis of it from others as this sentence to download it as well. It's not just my problem, and likely costing you folks a lot of money, my pennies included. And by the way, substantive data that shows my past delayed filing fees is there.)




Lynne Sheridan, who claimed to the court she needed funds for the septic system of the house, and received funds under that pretense, (and asked for them, refer to "Title 5" on #443) made it necessary for Bell to sell off a life insurance policy, and went out an bought a car with the funds. 

----- Original Message -----
From: Tara Tradd
To: 'Mark Bell'
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:38 PM
Subject: RE: Request for information - 460 King St septic upgrade permit

Hi Mark:

 No one has requested the permit to repair the septic system at 460 King Street.


From: Mark Bell []
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:29 PM
Cc: Mark Bell
Subject: Request for information - 460 King St septic upgrade permit

 Tara: Please see attached letter. Thanks for any help. (As always) :-)

Sheridan has a similar life insurance policy and other considerable assets, that, in a fair court, would have been pooled for the benefit of the children of the divorce, the marital split, and for debts. She has done nothing but pump Bell for funds, and this scam with the house sale with FULL cooperation of her family member's court system.  

The time has gone, the money is gone, and Sheridan drives in her new 4-wheeled septic system, funds that were taken unfairly in her family's court system.

To be continued....

The mail scam:
Judge Langlois issued an order that specified Sheridan needed to be served papers by a specific Sunday. Bell called the court to inquire about the papers and when he did not get a call back, decided to take a day off work to go to the courthouse, a 200 mile round trip, to get the papers. He called the court to state such.


Bell spoke with court personnel during a series of calls: Register of the Probate Court, Patrick McDermott, his assistant, Lisa Vilk, and a lady identified as "Karen" who stated she actually had a mailing of papers to be served to Sheridan, that "could not go into today's mail, but will be picked up at 11am tomorrow."

Bell was on his way to the courthouse after leaving work when Karen's call came through, and recalls being on the MA Pike when he was speaking to Karen. He went back to work after he was told/advised NOT to come to the courthouse. (See, if I went to he courthouse they would HAVE to produce the materials...if  they handle it, it's open to tampering...this is why I sent a representative to pick up the papers from Mr. Schmidt that day....LESSON LEARNED...IT'S ALL CROOKED!!!!!)

Mail arrives in Westfield from the Boston area in two days.
Mail arrives in Westfield from the Boston area in two days.
Mail arrives in Westfield from the Boston area in two days.
Mail arrives in Westfield from the Boston area in two days.
Mail arrives in Westfield from the Boston area in two days.
Mail arrives in Westfield from the Boston area in two days.
Mail arrives in Westfield from the Boston area in two days.

Do you get the idea?

Thursday's mail did not contain the mailing, and Bell had asked a person with indisputable reliability to monitor his mail. Friday's mail did not have the papers. Saturday's did not. No mail on Sunday.... On Monday, as seemingly manipulated, an envelope was delivered from the courthouse, too late for the judge's ordered service of papers to Lynne Sheridan.

Ta-Da! Lynne Sheridan, family member of Archie Keohane, is protected from her rampant perjury and being brought in front of a judge.


This is the envelope, that arrived undamaged, so it wasn't screwed up in transit...and likely was mailed two days before it was received....What do Patrick McDermott, Lisa Vilk, a veteran of missing items, and on written record as having a missing tape request and then a found one....and "Karen" have in common? (The certification is covered, but the witness is reliable, and the evidence stored safely in guarded condition.) 

If it's like the Probation Department, they take orders from above and shut up. Letters to "Register McDermott" about this incident remain unanswered. He shut up.

Here's one:  [link]

The hearing could have been rescheduled if there was a mail mix-up...there was, it was well noted as plain as the print you are reading, and nothing was done or rescheduled. I was being told to shut up.

The little minions of the court and the minion within a court clerk in her family FURTHER substantiate the cakewalk through the courts and the continued abuse of everyone else who needs honest courts and remains honest to uphold them.

---------Update, 12/02/10....seems papers all over MA are detailing the tremendous corruption in the MA government, of which this case deals with the tremendous favor-doing by many.  One story:  (more updates have been published in The Boston Globe and Boston Herald.)

Lawyers’ donations don’t faze SJC chief
By Hillary Chabot  |   Thursday, December 2, 2010  |  |  Local Politics

Top state officials yesterday shrugged off an extensive history of political contributions made and state contracts garnered by the independent counsel investigating patronage at the Probation Department.

“Lawyers are often contributing to politicians,” Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall told Governor’s Councilor Christopher Iannella when he asked about the issue during yesterday’s confirmation hearing for Marshall’s designated successor, Justice Roderick Ireland.

The Herald reported yesterday that independent counsel Paul F. Ware Jr. and other employees with his powerful law firm Goodrich, Procter & Hoar gave $207,000 to Beacon Hill power brokers since 2002 while scoring millions in state contracts. The law firm has received more than $4.6 million in state contracts over the past decade.

Marshall, whose court appointed Ware to investigate the Probation Department, told the Governor’s Council she had not read the Herald article and was not familiar with the state contracts it referenced. She noted that Ware is not being paid for the probation probe.

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, who chairs the Governor’s Council, said outside the hearing he supports Ware’s work but understood “the point” of the Herald article.

“He did it pro bono, but I just think it underscores that everyone needs to try to be as careful as possible,” said Murray, who received $4,300 from members of Ware’s law firm. “In this environment appearances are important.” Murray said about the Herald article, “I understand the point that was made. It’s not without merit.” He said he still believes Ware was the right man for the job.

The SJC previously selected Ware to lead the high court’s investigation into ex-Superior Court Judge Maria Lopez’s controversial handling of a case. Ware boosted his public profile and made $168,000 on the case. Spokesmen for both House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray declined to comment on the use of the well-connected law firm. Ware could not be reached for comment last night.

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Investigator slams pols for alleged job-rigging

By Dave Wedge
Saturday, November 20, 2010

The probation department hiring scandal that rocked Beacon Hill this week and threatens to snare top lawmakers is a case study in government “out of control” and should yield criminal charges, the investigator behind the explosive case said.

“The ultimate conclusion whether there is criminal conduct is now in the hands of the U.S. attorney and Attorney General (Martha) Coakley,” said Paul Ware, a private attorney tapped by the state’s highest court to investigate allegations of job-rigging in probation. “Both of those offices will conduct investigations into different aspects of the probation problem. But in the report, I have tried to detail information and evidence that I think is relevant to that decision.”

Of Ware’s findings of rampant “fraud” and “corruption” in probation, Coakley said: “We don’t view this report as the end, but rather the beginning of our review of this matter. We are thoroughly reviewing the extensive report, which chronicles a disturbing picture of the Probation Department, and will aggressively work to determine the scope of any violations of the law.”

Ware’s 337-page report names dozens of probation officials and top lawmakers past and present, including ex-House Speakers Thomas Finneran and Salvatore F. DiMasi and DiMasi’s former right-hand man, state Rep. Thomas Petrolati. Finneran and Petrolati both invoked the Fifth Amendment when called to testify, while DiMasi wasn’t subpoenaed.

Ware’s report says that top legislators regularly recommended campaign donors for jobs and that those candidates were given routine preference as part of a pay-to-play scam.

It’s common practice for lawmakers to write letters for job applicants, but Ware’s report outlines a pattern of “rigging” the interview process to hire politically connected candidates.

“I think we can assume that legislative recommendations occur within many agencies,” Ware said. “But in probation, this really got out of control. The train came off the tracks.”

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