The lies brought right into court.

I'm not sure what to do about a person with a court clerk in her family, here in Massachusetts, who lies in the court, and to many courts, very obviously.

The last time I was in court, Lynne Sheridan's financial documents stated the value of the former "marital domicile" on a court ordered sale was very different from what the house was actually on the market for that day.  "Fair Market Value" is what it's called.

This means the Realtor must be lying; The price on the market must not be valid. But the agent stated it was valid on the same day.
The house has not yielded an offer in 7 months. Counsel for Coldwell Banker states there isn't a problem, but the first sales agent isn't the sales agent anymore after very appropriate protests by me that the price (625K) was too high, and she was working with Lynne Sheridan to stall the sales effort. The agent, Lillian Sestito, didn't care about the perjury either. According to the legal counsel, "Subornation of perjury" is a felony. The records in court and the failed sales effort speak for themselves.

Claimed to be a well reputed sales agent, in court, the agent's price of a sale was not worth placing on financial documents "signed under pains and penalties of perjury" by Lynne   Sheridan.

Maybe it all means the influence of a person with one who is "in" the court system is, well, excuse the pun, "priceless."

Here is an excerpt from Lynne Sheridan's docketed financial statement.


The house was for sale on the day this statement was signed was listed far above both figures, the crossed out and the added. ($625,000. See below.)

The Judge did not care when this was all pointed out to him.

Below is a copy of the Real Estate Office's summary of the showings of the house and the asking prices. Call me, and I'll send you many emails to the broker, Lillian Sestito, asking for the price to be lowered as the house received NO offers.  She refused, with one reason or another. You can make your own conclusion of who was trying to sell the house, or not sell it. Lillian's removal from the sale yielded a much lower price from the next salesperson, immediately. I'd be able to make a far better case, and perhaps will, that Lillian didn't want to sell the house...and...well...she didn't.

None of her prices created any offer, and as the details below indicate, right from Coldwell Banker itself, she never showed the house herself.

Penny Locke, who is now the agent of record, has shown herself to be a worthy professional, and completed perhaps the best two CMA's I've ever seen. Her first price was within a thousand dollars of my estimation of 550K. As prices continue to fall, she has to adjust. As of the time of this posting, I will have sent her papers to adjust down. I have been told Lynne Sheridan refuses to lower the price. I have had exposure, education, and practice with real estate, sales, construction, and inspections. I have sold two houses of my own. Lynne Sheridan has none of it, yet can sit and do nothing and this goes on and on, as the price of the septic system needed to be figured in, for some reason. We got those figures. Still she does nothing. She really does not want to sell the house, as the court has ordered her to, and numerous others have advised her to. Why should the relative of a court clerk obey any court order?


On July 2, 2009, a previously canceled hearing, (because of the time burdens of the court) is to take place.
The following contempt and service was given to me.
The documents are on file at Norfolk Probate and Family Court in Canton, MA, docket #03D1651DV1.


So I supposedly cashed the bond, she writes, and filed on the complaint.
She also demanded that $500 be sent to my daughter immediately in her proposed judgment, on file as well.

Here is the summons I received.

The part that says I can be jailed is what really scares me. This criminalization started only after I gained custody of my son. Pro Se...against great lawyers. My son stated "he had to run away from home to get away from his mother."  I know the feeling.

And I got this letter, too. Note the part that states my daughter is an adult. Why the writer is not aware of this I am not sure, but the kidnapping theory is ever present. I brought a lawyer to one of the 209A hearings, and he heard the perjury of Lynne Sheridan, and it was shown to him to be as such on paper after the hearing.

Why should a family member with a court clerk in the family worry about perjury?
I blanked out the bond info, but this is clear in telling me to send the bonds, apparently because my 21 year old daughter can't speak for herself. You see, she's been kidnapped from me by false 209A restraining orders, and enough corruption  involved to  boggle one's mind. (See for "The Abuse Scam." ) So her mother, who in some logic, but not practice by enforcement by the court, is divorced from me, and is well on record that she cannot contact me, speaks for my daughter.  Really. See?

The mother is a "State Licensed" Child Care Provider.

And then she seems to want to comfort the situation by writing that I can send the savings bonds my father bought and gave to me to give to the children when they matured, to her brother, whose advertisement on Grossman Companies website and CPA license status is below:  Would you trust your kids' bonds to a fraudulently touted CPA?  Why would the common-law married partner of a court clerk have to care about placing false details of his qualifications on his employer's website?

Below is proof of the fraud handed to the court by Lynne Sheridan. Statements, like those below, are sent to Lynne Sheridan monthly, and have been so for years without question. The information on these published copies has been blanked out, with exception of information relevant to this set of lies by Lynne Sheridan. Arrows indicate references to who the statement was to, and all referrals to the $500 she accuses me of inappropriately dealing with. It also details who she could call with any questions.



Heritage Financial Service of Norwood, MA is one of the best companies I could imagine having handle finances. I asked them for a copy of the transaction made with the bond, and it shows the check involved, third party assigned by my endorsement, and passed through proper channels to remain under the name of my daughter.
After receiving the check from me, Heritage very obviously sent it to the funds holder with clear direction.

How a person can walk into court with absolutely blatant lies is beyond me. But when you mix in the fact that a court clerk in her family knows how to mingle in the system, and the system has been abused, burdened, and defiled with Lynne Sheridan's conduct, it all seems to fit the huge problems in the system itself. All the information above was available to Lynne Sheridan. Lynne Sheridan, if unhappy with language spelled out in the divorce agreement, could also submit a modification to the Probate Court to change it.

But she has learned, just like with all of her abuse and harassment to me, and of course, the children, that criminalization works. It's the hardest thing to defend against, and she's played it to the nines.

That's for another day.  (Again, see for details of this.)

But the lies and abuse of the courts has been so obvious, rampant, and flagrant. What follows is another example.

Lynne Sheridan, again, a family member of a court clerked family, stood in front of Judge Eliot Cohen after hours of testimony, asking for fees after a pre-trial hearing at Norfolk Probate and Family Court. Talk about defiling the on.

Judge Cohen's job that day was to keep us from going to trial, what a pre-trial hearing tries to do. My first words to him was to give us a trial date, as Lynne Sheridan does not want to settle anything. FOUR court-session hours later, he finally said: "Mr. Bell, I'll give you your trial date," or some words, not very different, to that exact affect.

Attorney Sheila Baresi, working with Stephen Salon, a long time associate of the court clerk, representing  Lynne Sheridan, had turned in her Pre-Trial paperwork late, a point acknowledged by Judge Cohen. She made mention of her motion for fees at the very end of the session.

I had already contributed 125.00 towards Lynne Sheridan's lawyer's fees in this instance. Her lawyer(s) and I needed to conference...a meeting demanded by the court before every pre-trial hearing. Attorney Baresi, in our appointment-arranged phone conference, stated her concern for her client's funds because Lynne Sheridan had to pay for our meeting, and rushed through it. I offered to split the hour we spoke, and did, to ease this "burden." Lynne Sheridan was sent a check for $125. It was mailed and received many days before the court session.  Not cashing and bringing this check to court would be a premeditated move if it were done. It was.

When Baresi asked the Judge for the fees, he ignored her request. Then, as the carpet below my feet had yet to cool from my feet being on it as she asked Judge Cohen to honor her fees motion. The session ended shortly after. While walking out of the courtroom, past her, she turned to me and gave me back the $125 check Lynne Sheridan had been sent.

It was unbelievable. It was part of what she had just asked the court for, and repeated to the Judge...seconds before. The check is below.

I am so curious as to why the fees were asked for if $125 of it was decided ahead of time to give back? After all, the check needed to be brought to court...not a mistake. And also, after all, if Baresi was being sincere in claims her client can't afford all her leagl bills, why would she give back, or allow her client to give back, $125?  It could be stated here that the lawyer herself was defiling the court.

Baresi could have kept the check, talked to Lynne outside of the session, and advised her to keep it.

I was happy to get it, ask the bank to void it, and credit my account. I can always use $125.

This is how a court clerk's family member behaves in court. Is this how an employee's family should behave with YOUR employer?


Attorney's Baresi and Salon turned in papers to leave Lynne Sheridan's representation shortly after.  Three lawyers have left her.

Archie Keohane is the family clerk. The papers above show how his family handles his employer, who is really all of us. Corruption in Massachusetts can be limited when people who claim not to be as such react to such circumstances. I'm not alone in seeing, reading, and experiencing issues where the judiciary goes along with the lies as shown above. It's all on paper and should have been reviewed months ago.

Stories of the over burdened courts ring false when the courts themselves allow this sort of play. The integrity of every Judge is apparent when employees of the system romp about, even after being acknowledged as acting as such. Lower level employees taking advantage of their positions in court was apparent and pervasive enough for it to be mentioned in the 2003 Monan Report that detailed various issues hurting the court system. The cited one clerk who was tampering with faithfully executed documents. Well, they missed one, too.

I remain scared to appear in court. I need help in dealing with this obvious corruption and abuse of the system. If you read this, and feel some sort of outrage about this situation, please contact your colleagues, police, your representative...anybody. This can happen to you, and may have already, or will. I'll appreciate any contact, too. Somebody must care.

Mark Bell  Westfield, MA 01085  877-233-6090

The case was heard in court on July 2, 2009. If you are interested in the disposition of this case, email

UPDATE: The house had a great offer for it....agent Penny Locke did an amazing job, and the buyers were going to enter into "THE" deal to finally move it.

The day of the inspection there was leaking water, a dead rat, insect infestation and other areas of grave concern so deep the buyers ran.
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